Mohit Joshi

Developer and Project Manager

Fresh out of college, fueled by experience - ready to code my way to success!



New Jersey Institute of Technology

Class of 2023

Bachelor of Science | GPA: 3.6

Information Technology | Web Applications

Academic Scholarship | Highlander Scholarship

Languages and Technologies


Frontend: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Backend: Java, Python, PHP


MySQL, Bootstrap, Git, Docker, WordPress

Azure, React.js, JSON, Excel, Flask, Rabbit MQ


Project Management

Scrum | Agile Development

Unit Testing | Linting

Java | Python

Leadership, Problem Solving

Time Management, Communication

Professional Certificates and Badges


Work Experience

Project Management Intern

Eco-Strategy v4.0 Frontend

Oct 2022 - Dec 2022

Created scope and gantt chart detailing project deliverables and sprints

Held scrum meetings with team members and assigned tasks to meet weekly deadlines

Presented findings and future plans in weekly stakeholder meetings

Implemented 2 new features in the Eco-Strategy portal

Software Engineering Intern

Development Team

May 2022 - Nov 2022

Rebuilt and maintained data gathering scrapers and managed the data feeds that these scrapers generate

Cut down 50% of the loading time on Tarifica’s front-end by creating new functions and visualizations to optimize the access of data

Create new functions and data fields to refactor existing code to better gather accurate data

Assign and distribute tasks among other interns to meet daily and weekly goals



Stay intune with your vehicle

Sep 2022 - Dec 2022

Created website backend and frontend in PHP and HTML

Created exchanges and queues in RabbitMQ for exchanging data in the application

Created and maintained database in ubuntu and worked with public APIs to gather data

Created a server structure with separate development, QA, and deployment environments


Keep track of your job applications

Dec 2021 - Mar 2022

Created data structures, product roadmap and wireframes

Wrote Rest APIs and ingested them into the Frontend UI

Worked with team members to develop and launch the application